About Us


Transystom is committed to quality translations between English and Chinese in the medical fields. For the high requirement for medical translators, Transystom employs the translators that have excellent language skills as well as an educational or professional background in the...




Our Strength


Transystom attaches much importance to selection, assessment, and training of our translators. The translators in Transystom have good writing skills in Chinese and English as well as an educational or professional background in biology, medical research, and clinical ...




Translation Rates


The translation rates are $0.08-0.12 per source English word or Chinese character. In addition to straightforward translation, we include the revision cost within our rates.

The translation rates are reliant on the following factors:




Transystom is open to all that love and enjoy translation.

At Transystom, you will acquire wonderful experience of language transformation and pursuit for exact equivalence between two languages. Transystom is absolutely an association of excellent translators.

At Transystom, translators will be encouraged to work hard for the goal of being a medical language expert or being a senior manager in medical translation and fully benefit from th...



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